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The Everflow Academy is here!


For those who possess the values and skills required to be part of the Everflow Group, the Everflow Academy onboarding programme provides an exciting route into the company. You don’t need a wealth of experience in the industry as the programme will equip you with the knowledge and support you need to succeed.


  • This unique route into the organisation will give you the opportunity to work in each department

  • A tailored training plan will help you develop

  • The work experience you will gain across various roles will be invaluable

  • You will work with Senior Leaders from the beginning

  • The Everflow Group is a growing business with many opportunities to develop

  • You will work on exciting projects and be able to implement ideas

  • There will be plenty of opportunities to apply for permanent positions


You will spend 12 weeks between two departments to gain knowledge and expertise in each area of the business, and each quarter, the departments you’re rotating between will switch, giving you a real insight into the functions of the business!


The programme is designed for candidates to gain experience in the following areas:


  • Customer Service and Operations

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Finance and Credit Control

  • Transformation and Tech

  • Admin Support and Employee Engagement



The process:


  • Applications must come via the Group website, here

  • Stage one is a telephone interview

  • Stage two is an informal face-to-face interview

  • If you meet the criteria of the programme, you will then be invited to join!

  • You’ll start with an in-depth induction into the company and an overview of each department before starting with the first team you will work with

  • During your induction, you will be given a Tailored Training and Development plan, bespoke to your skills, interests and areas for development

  • You will have a mentor within the team you’re working in who will support you along the way

  • Within the Tailored Training and Development plan, you will be given a project to work on alongside your day to day job. You will spend four days a week gaining work experience within the allocated department and work one day per week on a project specific to the team you are working in at each point of the journey

  • Quarterly reviews will take place at the end of each period, with a new plan being given for the next period

  • At the end of the programme we hope that a suitable position will be available within the company and your Everflow journey will continue!

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