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Wellbeing sessions launched into the Everflow Group

Updated: May 14, 2021

The Everflow Group has launched Headway across its companies, which will help and support the wellbeing and performance of its people. Headway is a personal and professional development approach that empowers individuals to adapt behaviour and gain insights into patterns of thinking and managing emotions. 

What is Headway

Headway isn’t a training programme, it is short, sharp, social sessions, based around narrative and group conversation. Think book-group, only with Headway you learn about yourself as well as other characters.

E-Headway is the online Headway offer and has been added into the employee wellbeing package here at Everflow. Currently the offer is focused on supporting our people to effectively manage challenges associated with the pandemic. 

Why is E-Headway important?

  • Helping individuals to adopt positive ways of thinking, feeling and behaviour

  • Supporting the maintenance of positive relationships during lockdown   

  • New ideas about how individuals can make practical changes to manage mental wellbeing during the current situation   

  • Supporting the adoption of new ways of working   

  • Seizing opportunities for growth presented by the lockdown   

  • Human interaction – face to face contact through conversation (many colleagues simply are not ‘seeing anyone’)   

  • Emotional support from peers  

At the Everflow Group, our employees are important to us and we believe that Headway will increase cross departmental ideas and teamwork whilst continuing to support the development of our staff.

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