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meet the team: mia

Updated: May 14, 2021

Name – Mia-Yasemin Sanchez

Area of Business – Collections and Recovery

Apprenticeship Start Date – 26th October 2020

Name of Apprenticeship – Business Administration

What does your daily role at Everflow involve?

My daily role involves various tasks. One of the predominant things that most business admin apprentices endure, is looking after all forms of contact. Responding to emails quickly and effectively and helping wherever they can. Because of the department I work in, I have a very progressive and varied role, I’m the team’s main port of call for any kind of contact with customers that include invoices/statements and revising debt. In addition, my role includes making sure everything is on track and that payments are being made. One way I’m able to do this is to contact customers who are in debt – sending emails or getting in touch with them over the phone allows me to collect cash alongside my admin duties. Other duties include query uploads and taking care of liquidation/administration forms, and as a business admin apprentice, this is really exciting! Mainly because I’m able to deal with the legal side of businesses and get to grips with the way things work in that sector, which gives me a wider understanding of the company I work for.

What does your apprenticeship involve?

My apprenticeship involves completing work I’m given by my tutor and showing evidence of having done so. The evidence provided is extremely important because it allows my tutor to check that I understand what I’m learning and know how things are working within the company and role. These tasks can vary from writing word documents, answering surveys, and providing substantial evidence such as query uploads or Excel spreadsheets.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship over going straight into a job or college/university?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because you learn much more effectively whilst gaining an internationally recognised qualification. Having a business administration apprenticeship qualification allows me to progress even further in the fields of accounting, such as studying an AAT apprenticeship. You can also develop your skills in the same sector by doing a level 4 and 5 in business administration. Overall, the apprenticeship programme is extremely supportive and not only are you earning a wage whilst learning, you are developing your interpersonal and professional skills profoundly as your environment is not solely based around education.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your apprenticeship or job with Everflow?

My job with Everflow is a true blessing and I am more than grateful to be doing my apprenticeship here. Our CEO, Josh, is a brilliant supporter of all of us and this inspires me to really push as hard as I can in my role and get to the top! I think there is a lot of stigma around apprenticeships leading to a dead-end job – this is false. An apprenticeship allows you to develop your skills as much as you want, and you can dream as big as you like! If you are with a company who support your dreams and want to push you further, then the world is your oyster. It’s how you perceive it all that determines whether you are successful or not, everybody has to start somewhere and if you continue pushing as hard as you can in your career, you will open doors to places you didn’t know existed.

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