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Meet the Team - Mat

Updated: May 14, 2021

Name: Mat

Role: Marketing Assistant

Typical Day: It can be very diverse, from planning the social media stratergy, to filming and editing, to graphics creation, to consultancy, all very diverse and fantastic opputunities.

Favourite EF Memory: Early into my time at EF I remember the great Monopoly Debate…which I 100% won no questions asked.

Favourite Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus, it has a cool name, I always think it looked cute, and it’s like a gentle giant…very relatable, minus the giant part…

Favourite Film: I’m torn between Whiplash and How to Train Your Dragon 2…a bit of a difference I know but all still really good.

What does the EF Way mean to you? To Me? To me it’s constantly evolving, it’s something changes each day, to fall in line with the company values, It’s about laughing with your co-workers, but also having the respect to speak your mind without judgement of religious beliefs/ race/ world view. It’s about doing the best we can for the wellbeing of all, and about authentic community. Maybe this is too long but I always find this place amazing, I may be biased, but it’s just what I’ve seen.

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