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COVID-19: What the Everflow Group is doing to help its staff

Updated: May 14, 2021

At Everflow we look out for each other; it’s part of the Everflow Way. We’ve gotten all of our staff laptops and the right tools to continue to work from home, but remote working it not just about providing employees with the right physical tools but mental ones too. We have adapted our practices to support our employees during this time.  

Managers are checking in on their team during the morning video call huddles asking them how they are feeling and if their workload is manageable. We want our employees to know how much we value them and their mental health not just now but always.  

We are giving employees a working from home payment starting from April. 

We have company-wide quarterly themes or quarterly focuses which will continue, in order to unite everyone and help us achieve our vision as a company. This theme isn’t a business driver or about sales, it’s about our employees’ wellbeing, how we communicate, how we collaborate and instilling our values into the organisation even when we are all working from home and utilising technology.   

We asked our employees to give us feedback on how and what we can do to look after their wellbeing, for example reviewing their workload daily. We have taken the opportunity to develop and review the ways in which we communicate and collaborate through employee feedback. We’re exploring how we can live by the values of the organisation even when working from home. 

We’re running our annual Stepathon within the guidelines provided by the government. This is our way of keeping our staff active and well – as most of us know, exercising has many benefits from releasing endorphins to improving sleep.  

We have always been a social organisation and that hasn’t stopped us! We have been making the most of technology like we always have and will. We’ve hosted quiz nights and after work drinks at the computer with plenty of laughs.  

As time goes on during lockdown we understand employees might feel more strain from isolating, which is why we are continuing to review our practices and adjusting them to fit each team's needs.  

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