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Handy Hints - Showing Yourself Some Self-Care

Updated: May 14, 2021

Happy World Mental Health Day!

We know from experience, this year has been hard, the grasp of normality has come and gone, and we’re all met with a general uncertainty day after day. This has been shown to have had a detrimental impact on mental health all across the board, in work place and in homes, and this World Mental Health Day, it is more important than ever to look after our own and each other’s mental health, whether that be in the office, at our makeshift home desks, or even on the evenings as its getting darker and colder.

We want to encourage here at Everflow, the same sort of ethic that we put into the office every day, and to, as CEO Josh Gill likes to say, make work as fun as possible to enter into. So please take a few of our ideas to look after your own and each other’s mental health, the Everflow Way.

Give someone a call

This feels really obvious, but it’s amazing how often this can fall to the side lines, a simple call to anyone, asking them how they are, and just letting them know you’re there for them, and that you care goes a long way. This could even be a quick video call meeting instead of sending an email, for your colleagues in or out the office. It’ll make a world of difference, for who you’re calling, and for you, just a little pick me up.

Go for a walk outside

Maybe easier said than done in an office environment, but if you’re on break/lunch, getting outside, and enjoying the fresh air can do a world of difference, being stuck in one place all day can really bring you down, as we as humans crave interaction, both with people and the world around us. It’s amazing how much difference taking yourself away from the strain of a screen and enjoying some nature instead, it helps break the day up and refocuses your mind away from any of the stresses you may feel…you can even do this with a friend…(Socially distanced of course)

Make a cuppa

Nothing is more relaxing than a good cuppa, the warm relaxes you, and helps chill you out, if you’re feeling a bit tense, a great way of showing some self-care, it doesn’t even need to be hot drink, just making sure you’re hydrated and eating well goes a long way to mental health, as if you’re hungry or thirsty, it can take its toll on how you’re thinking, such as tiredness, or lethargy!

Doing something for someone else

Although Social Distancing is still important, there’s a whole range of ways to do little things for someone else, such as getting them lunch or a small gift (As long as it’s Covid-safe of course) a little can go a long way, and especially if you’re feeling the strain at the moment, it can really help everyone around you and yourself. Give it a go, you may be surprised at the results.

Check out what help is available

If you’re feeling the weight too heavily, it’s okay to talk, it’s more important than ever to break the stigma of talking, it helps you process, and helps get a weight off your chest, it can help direct you to other options of help as well, and really keep you secure and wellbeing intact.

To find out more, head over to the World Mental Health Day website here, and give it a check out.

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