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Business growth and our passion for the North East

Updated: May 14, 2021

It’s been an exciting month at Everflow.

Earlier this month Everflow Group was ranked 3rd in the Financial Times list of Europe’s fastest growing companies #FT1000. This was a massive achievement for us and it’s made us all the more excited to keep growing and doing what’s best for our customers. Everflow, in Teesside, is third fastest growing company in Europe | The Northern Echo

Everflow Group has also been recognised locally as a company ‘on the rise’ in the North East, alongside other companies celebrating successes despite the pandemic.

We’re proud to be a North East business. Back in 2016 with 3 employees, Everflow moved into its first office in Castle Eden. We’re now headquartered in Wynyard Business Park, with multiple offices, and we’re convinced that the North East is a great place to do business! We’re passionate about creating jobs in the North East, as well as creating a workplace that people enjoy being part of, and we hope we can continue to do our bit to put the North East on the map.

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