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 "just add water and watch your customer base grow"


Customers want tri-utility (electricity, gas and water services combined) as they look for simpler, time-saving solutions. As a supplier or third party intermediary (TPI), you can increase sales and customer retention by offering water as an added value service  

sell water as a TPI or introducer

Everflow Water is the retailer dedicated to partners. It achieved its position as the UK's fastest growing water retailer by making water simple and profitable for TPIs. Enquire today to become part of its success

set up a water retail arm

Our water industry and tech experts can provide you with the software and information you need to set up your own water retailer. They will advise you along the way, too.

Book a chat to discover whether this is the right option for you


  • Our expert team have created the UK’s fastest organically growing retailer, Everflow Water


  • In the last year alone the group has been shortlisted for 11 awards and won 4 for innovation, growth and service


  • Clients include industry leaders such as Yü Energy, Love Energy Services and Water2Business


  • With Everflow Tech’s software, Everflow Water’s operational employee to customer ratio has decreased from one per 400 to one per 1,238, saving £240k per year in operational wage costs. It's the best software for water retailers as it's designed with the UK water retail market in mind

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